Top 5 Educational Technology Trends for 2012

What are the top five education-technology trends to watch in 2012?  According to a recent article in THE Journal,  we will see an increase in mobile learning, plus an increase in the number of students learning online. Experts also foresee greater use of social-networking websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, in the classroom, and the […]

Technology has Developed a New Kind of Learner

Technology has changed the way kids learn. It enables our students to go beyond learning and collaborate, share, and publish original works. Today’s kids view social networks and collaboration forums as a sort of performance stage… performing for people they know as well as for people they don’t know. How cool would it be if the education world truly learned how to harness that kind of motivation in the learning experiences that we’re providing our students?

Learning Games for Kids – Part 6

We promised to share the best learning games for kids this holiday season.  We’ve selected over 100 of the best games, gadgets, and toys that will keep your children engaged and learning long after the excitement of the holidays has passed.  And remember, every product in our holiday gift guide ships free!  Right there from your easy […]

Technology “Drive-By”

I stumbled across a great blog posting about “tech drive-bys” by Nicholas Provenzano at Edutopia.    As a former technology resource teacher, this post resonated with me because sometimes the simplest things can make a world of difference if you are a tech teacher who wants to help your colleagues incorporate technology into their instruction. […]

“Flipped” Classrooms Take Advantage of Technology

A growing number of teachers are digitally recording lessons, uploading them to iTunes, and assigning them as homework.  It’s the latest way that technology is changing teachers’ jobs, and tech-savvy educators refer to it as “flipped” or “upside-down” classes.  Teachers who are implementing flipped classrooms say they offer greater control of material and enable them […]

Teaching with Twitter

For all of my “techies”out there, I stumbled across this great post that I wanted to share.  It’s posted by Kit Seeborg, and shares a presentation by  Dr. William Ward entitled Teaching with Twitter.  Many of the strategies are geared for older students but good teachers know how to tweak strategies to make them work […]

Classroom Blogs Can Be Helpful Teaching Tools

If you have not begun using Weblogs as part of your classroom resources, you might be missing out!  Blogging can be a wonderful teaching tool and using this platform is becoming more common in classrooms. Teachers use blogs for many reasons;  but the reason that stands out is  it encourages and motivates learning in a […]

Calling for Young Scientists to Compete in the Google Science Fair 2011

Google Launches the World’s First Online Global Science Competition! Google has has partnered with CERN, LEGO, National Geographic and Scientific American to launch the 2011 Google Science Fair!   This is a unique opportunity for young scientists around the world to compete and demonstrate their talent on a global stage. The competition is open to […]

Facebook 2000- here we come!

This week, Schoodoodle’s Facebook page hit a milestone!  We have now exceeded over 1000 Facebook fans. To celebrate, we awarded one of our Facebook fans with one of our classic Winther Tricycles. Over the past few months, our Facebook page has grown into an interactive community of educators who respond to the news and opinion. […]

BetterLesson Helping Teachers to Collaborate, Find New Ideas

I came across an article today introducing a new site dedicated to helping teachers by combining social networking with lesson planning: Could this be the next frontier in classroom and lesson development? The network was founded by a group of teachers from Atlanta and Boston public schools but is is led by former 6th […]