Green & Healthy Living is a Part of the Educational Experience

Educators can play a very important role in getting a handle on the Health and Obesity crisis. When children are well-rested, well-nourished, and physically fit, they are more ready to learn. From an early age, children recognize healthy habits and understand why they are important. Green and Healthy Living is a Part of the Education […]

What is a Teaching Safari And How is Related to Chicago School Supply?

Someone once asked me how Teaching Safari became a part of Chicago School Supply.  I explained that Teaching Safari is a service we added after hearing feedback from our clients. Building Relationships: One of the most important tasks for any small business is to build solid relationships with their customers- this is especially important when […]

Staff Spotlight- Albert Walavich from Teaching Safari

I have said this many times- Chicago School Supply is a family. We are a family of resources that make teaching less-stressful. We are a family of work associates that work together to achieve mutual goals.  I hope you will get to know us as individuals and see the outstanding work our dedicated staff does […]

Featured Teaching Safari: Plan, Plant, Cultivate, Harvest, and Celebrate

Teaching Safari was developed because we were not satisfied simply educating students in a traditional classroom…we wanted to expand the learning environment and show how classroom curriculum can be studied and applied in the real world.  Our mission was to help develop interesting and engaging field trips that reinforce classroom concepts through standards-based tour itineraries.  […]

August Teaching Safari Tour Spotlight: Chicago Navy Pier IMAX Theater

Whether your group is studying animals, nature, art or science- this month’s Teaching Safari Spotlight is the perfect education experience for your class that combines fun with learning.  The Navy Pier IMAX® Theatre is dedicated to providing a wide range of educational large-format films for class field trips. Why? IMAX® films are designed to educate […]

Teaching Safari Concludes Summer Program

The final tour for our Summer Program has concluded. This week we went to the Arabian Knights Horsefarm in Willowbrook. Arabian Knights has an expansive 10 acre facility and has been around for some 25 years. AKF works with people of all ages, providing: horse riding lessons, stables and horse care staff, and has its own […]

Teaching Safari concludes fourth week of summer field trips

Teaching Safari works very closely with the Illinois Neglected and Delinquent group homes in the Chicago Area. We provide the children with a myriad of field trips and tours, as well as continuing education courses. In working with these group homes, Teaching Safari has three distinct goals: (1) improve educational services for these children so that […]

Teaching Safari Spotlight: Graue Mill and the Underground Railroad

You might not realize this, but one of the most precious historical sites in U.S. is located just outside of downtown Chicago in the southern corner of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County.  Graue Mill and Museum is one of the area’s remaining authenticated Underground Railroad “stations” and the only operating waterwheel grist mill […]

Teaching Safari Celebrates One Year!

How time flies! Hard to believe it was only a year ago when we added Teaching Safari, an educational tour program, to the Chicago School Supply family.  Teaching Safari is unique because it offers student field trips and instructional programs for educators that are aligned with current Illinois Standards based on the grade level and […]