Closing the Achievement Gap for ESL/ELL Students

The Latino achievement gap has been an ongoing challenge for years. Studies show an early and persistent gap between the achievement of Hispanic students and that of their white peers. The gap appears by the time students have reached the 3rd grade and remains fairly consistent throughout their school careers impacting graduation rates and college enrollment.

Parental Involvement: A New Metric for NYC Schools

New York City schools will soon be rated based on how well they work with parents.  This new metric was announced by  Chancellor Dennis Walcott on October 26 in a meeting introducing an overhaul of how the city’s education system engages with families.  Walcott said the plan would start with 10 to 15 pilot schools […]

L.E.A.D. Program Addresses Bullying and Teaches Students to be Positive Role Models

The effects of bullying can cause lasting emotional wounds. – Joy Price Lewis Sadly, we have seen an increased amount of  tragic news stories about the drastic measures some students have taken as a result of classroom bullying.  Bullying has been a part of our culture for many years, but has taken an unfortunate turn […]

Tips and Ideas to Effectively Manage Your Classroom

Throughout the summer, we will be sharing tips and ideas developed by the Chicago Education Consultants who have developed the programs for students, teachers and parents for Teaching Safari . Visit to learn more or to look for field trips, classes and professional training opportunities for parents and teachers. Managing a classroom is similar […]

Bennett School Eighth Grade Teaching Safari

I knew the field trip was going to go well when the eighth grade girls on the Chicago Classic Coach bus broke into Justin Bieber’s Baby – and sung well! They had a smile in their voices. They were in the final days of there middle school careers and looking forward to the summer before […]

Join Chicago Education Consultants, LLC on a Teaching Safari this Summer!

Here at Chicago School Supply, we do much more than sell Office Supplies and School Supplies. Now that summer is here, our Teaching Safaris are going full swing! What is a Teaching Safari you ask?  It is an educational enrichment program designed by the Chicago Education Consultants, LLC that offers School Field Trips, Student Education and […]

Bring Back Gardening and Higher Nutritional Standards in Schools

The traditional school year was designed so students would have the summer off to help their families plant and harvest their crops.  And here we, are generations later,  with school menus consisting of little more than corn dogs, pizza and chicken nuggets.  There is no evidence of anything that has been farmed or harvested in […]

Going Green is Great! Educators Are Embracing Green Initiatives in Schools and Curriculum

It is inspiring to see how schools in Chicago and throughout the country are committed to lead a new generation to create a more sustainable future.  Schools such as Holmes Elementary in Oak Park, Illinois have launched a Zero Waste Initiative in with SEVEN Generations Ahead (SGA), a nonprofit organization in Oak Park, Illinois that specializes in […]

Schoodoodle Teacher Tuesday Spotlight of the Month

Here at Chicago School Supply, we  believe wholeheartedly that teachers hold communities together. We have all heard the cliché about it taking a village to raise a child. The fact of the matter is it’s true! Teachers are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They bear the weight and responsibility of […]

Featured Teaching Safari: Chicago Money, Finance, and Government Tour

As we gear up for another school year, our Teaching Safari program has grown into one of the top educational field trip resources in our area.  Our wonderful team of Chicago Education Consultants, LLC have worked hard to develop a unique series of Chicago Cultural Literacy Tours for students.  Teachers and parents have found these series […]