Parents and Teachers Asked to Supplement Classroom Supplies as a Result of Public School Systems Budget Cuts

When I saw this piece reported by Janet Shamlian on NBC’s Today Show this morning I knew I had to address this.   Numerous school systems across the country are facing massive budget cuts; and parents are being asked to pick up the tab to pay for the most basic classroom necessities like soap, paper […]

Green & Healthy Living is a Part of the Educational Experience

Educators can play a very important role in getting a handle on the Health and Obesity crisis. When children are well-rested, well-nourished, and physically fit, they are more ready to learn. From an early age, children recognize healthy habits and understand why they are important. Green and Healthy Living is a Part of the Education […]

Year in Review: Obama’s K-12 Policy Doesn’t Change Much

For the nation’s K-12 schools, 2009 may well go down as the year when everything changed but little happened. A new president promised a fresh start but angered many in even his own party by polishing his predecessor’s apple. Schools nationwide closed in fear of a pandemic that has proven mild. And even as recession-related […]

Inspiring Story of Schools Using Music to Teach Math

I am always inspired by stories about teachers who implement learning programs that utilize creative teaching methods to help drive success to their students.   Many experts agree that an arts curriculum can help students grasp concepts in math and language arts. I came across a recent article highlighting a learning program in a California […]

Chicago School Supply Advocating for the Teacher Tax Deduction

For many years Chicago School Supply (through its affiliation with the National School Supply and Equipment Association) has been championing the Teacher Tax Deduction, a provision in the tax code that allows elementary and secondary school teachers (including counselors, principals, and aides) the opportunity to take a tax deduction of up to $250 annually on their federal […]

No Einstein in Your Crib? Get a Refund

Parent alert: the Walt Disney Company is now offering refunds for all those “Baby Einstein” videos that did not make children into geniuses. They may have been a great electronic baby sitter, but the unusual refunds appear to be a tacit admission that they did not increase infant intellect. “We see it as an acknowledgment […]

Is Bilingual Education Best for American Students?

I watched the piece featured below on the Today Show this morning that presents the pros and the cons of bilingual instruction in U.S. public schools. This is an ongoing debate, some feel that Hispanic students are better off being completely immersed in English so they may adapt to an English speaking nation- while others […]

What is the Value of $125,000-a-Year Teachers?

So what kind of teachers could a school get if it paid them $125,000 a year? An accomplished violist who infuses her music lessons with the neuroscience of why one needs to practice, and creatively worded instructions like, “Pass the melody gently, as if it were a bowl of Jell-O!” A self-described “explorer” from Arizona […]

A New Study Claims That Merit Pay For Teachers Has Many Pitfalls

Read this post and send feedback via Twitter or our BLOG. Some school policymakers are promoting a new idea for improving the schools: merit pay plans that would tie teachers’ pay to the scores their students earn on standardized math and reading tests. Advocates of this approach base their support on two assumptions: first, that […]

Schools Consider Four-Day Weeks

Read this post and send feedback via Twitter or our BLOG. Facing deep funding cuts during the economic downturn, increasing numbers of school districts nationwide are contemplating trimming the traditional school week to four days to save money. A four-day week has long been confined to a few small rural districts looking to save on […]