Free eBook of the Month: Fractured Fairy Tales Fractions and Decimals

It is hard to believe that August is here and teachers all over the country will be headed  back to the classroom in just a few weeks (or days in some cases). We want to help teachers everywhere to get the school year off on the right foot.  To achieve our mission to become a […]

Free eBook of the Month: September! A Creative Idea Book for the Elementary Teacher

It is my sincere hope that teachers everywhere are enjoying some much deserved time off and their summer vacations!  But we all know a teacher’s work is never really done and many of you are already preparing for the upcoming 2010/2011 school year. This month’s free eBook comes from our catalog of over 10,000 eBooks […]

Free eBook Available for Download: Advantage Math (Grade 1)

Schoodoodle wants  to help provide teachers and parents the resources to keep their student’s minds sharp all summer.  Each month we will be featuring a free sample of one of  our many educational eBooks to enhance your classroom  (or home) learning resources.   We currently offer over 10,000 electronic book titles to download for elementary school, […]

More School Districts Look at Whether to Switch to Online Textbooks

At a time when Facebook and iPad are the rage and information updates with a click, some policymakers are trying to take textbooks off the shelf and onto the Internet. Electronic textbooks are imperative, advocates say, because they offer inexpensive, interactive lessons that engage today’s tech-savvy student and keep content fresh. Opponents worry that more […]

Classroom eBook of the Month: Winter Olympics Activities

Last October, introduced supplemental classroom curriculum books in the form of eBooks into our online store and library.  We began with 5,000 eBooks for teachers to download, share and use in their classrooms.  The demand has been so great- that we have doubled our selection in just a few months.  We now offer over […]