Do what you love… Love what you do

As summer comes to a close, it makes me think about how valuable that time is for teachers.  Looking back, summer was always a time to recharge my energy for the classroom.  By June, I was hot, tired, and ready for some rejuvenation.  Don’t get me wrong… I loved being a teacher, but after the [...]

Mentoring Can Make the World of Difference to the Life of a Child

By Mike Ockrim, CEO Chicago School Supply Since July is National Make a Difference to a Child Month, I was inspired to volunteer for an organization committed to helping children find a successful path in life.  I did not have to look much further than my own back yard. When I discovered UCAN (short for [...]

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Outlines Plans for Education Funding in FY 2012 Budget

We received the following news from the Illinois Association of School Administrators last week and felt it was important enough to pass on to you!  I invite you to share your feedback and thoughts on this news in our comments section or on Facebook! Governor Pat Quinn unveiled his budget priorities for Fiscal Year 2012 [...]

Spotlight on Chicago’s Private Schools

Chicago School Supply recognizes that private schools often find it a challenge to educate effectively community members and prospective families on what their particular school has to offer. With that in mind, Chicago School Supply is excited to feature some of these unique private schools in our new blog feature Spotlight on Chicago’s Private Schools. [...]

Going Green is Great! Educators Are Embracing Green Initiatives in Schools and Curriculum

It is inspiring to see how schools in Chicago and throughout the country are committed to lead a new generation to create a more sustainable future.  Schools such as Holmes Elementary in Oak Park, Illinois have launched a Zero Waste Initiative in with SEVEN Generations Ahead (SGA), a nonprofit organization in Oak Park, Illinois that specializes in [...]

Chicago White Sox Hosting Back to School Event!

Back-to-school is all the talk these days! Even Baseball is getting into the Back-to-School spirit!   The Chicago White Sox are hosting a Back to School Day at U.S. Cellular Field on Sunday, September 12th.. Students and their families can take advantage of special discounted tickets and watch the White Sox take on the Kansas [...]