School Dolls – Dolls in Education


Realizing that some of your children’s toys can be wonderful teaching tools, helping to engage them in developing essential life-skills, can open up a whole new realm of interactive play experiences for you and your child.

School Dolls come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. They also come in both male and female versions. Using these toy to role-play with your child can assist them in learning positive ways to communicate, and aid in social and educational development.

Play is the foundation for all Early Learning for young children, and giving your child the time and a few basic toys can provide her with a variety of valuable learning opportunities. “Play is how children begin to understand and process their world,” says Angie Rupan, Program Coordinator for Child Development Center in South San Francisco, CA and early childhood educator for over 20 years. “Children’s play unlocks their creativity and imagination, and develops reading, thinking, and problem solving skills as well as further develops motor skills. It provides the base foundation for learning.”

Playing with a Multi Level Wooden Dollhouse or Lots to Love Babies allows your child to reenact what happens in her everyday life, using the words and phrases she hears. You are likely to hear your own words come out of her mouth as she recreates events that have happened, perhaps with an outcome more suited to her liking!

Maybe your little learner would like to play school! Children can teach their doll reading, writing, and arithmetic! Get a Pretend Play School Set, complete with grade book, stickers, hall passes, clock, bell, dry erase board, markers, calendar, map, and pointer in a convenient tri-fold carry board.

My personal favorite is the classic Tea Party! We all have visions of little girls setting up their dolls and stuffed animals at a miniature table for an afternoon drink. Throw a party in style with the Pretend Play Tin Tea Set – a true classic!

Embrace dramatic play. By providing a few props such as dishes and wooden food, empty food boxes and a cash register or stuffed animals and a doctor’s kit, and your child will be transported into a different place! Watch and be amazed at what she will come up with as she plays.


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