Top 5 Educational Technology Trends for 2012

What are the top five education-technology trends to watch in 2012?  According to a recent article in THE Journal,  we will see an increase in mobile learning, plus an increase in the number of students learning online. Experts also foresee greater use of social-networking websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, in the classroom, and the adoption of more learning-management systems. They also expect more teachers to lead one-to-one computing initiatives in their schools.  We’re seeing teachers who shied away from technology just 10 years ago take more proactive stances about getting IT into their classrooms, and this has a significant impact on the use of instructional technologies and the shift in pedagogy. has a wide variety of resources to help teachers use technology in the classroom.  Browse the entire selection of instructional Technology Resources including bookssoftwareinteractive whiteboard lessons, clip art CDs, and more.

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