Last Minute Halloween Costumes On the Cheap!

Is it really Halloween already?  Where does the time go?  And you don’t have a costume yet? Don’t panic… with a little creativity, you can shop your closet and come up with some great costume options that won’t cost you a thing.  And, if you’re dressing up for the classroom, there are even a few that will inspire a play on words for your students.  Here are a few last-minute costume ideas:

Ceiling Fan: Use fabric paint or markers to write the words “Go Ceilings!” on a white sweatshirt.  Add a foam finger or pom poms as a prop.

Static Cling: Dress normally, but pin socks, hand towels, and dryer sheets to your clothing.

Baked Potato: Wrap yourself in aluminum foil

Graduate: Wear your old graduation cap and gown.

Smarty Pants: Paint an A+ on a sweatshirt and attach “Smarties” candies to your pants.

Black-Eyed Peas: Draw the letter P around each eye with black face paint.

Bearded Garden Gnome: Wear an oversized shirt and pants, add a red felt hat and a beard.

A Bag of Autumn Leaves: Wear an orange or red sweatshirt and sweatpants.  Cut two holes in the bottom of a trash bag for your feet and tuck the top of the bag into the waistband of your pants.  Use safety pins to pin colorful leaves all over the sweatshirt and hood.

Broken iPhone: Wear black pants, a black turtleneck shirt or sweatshirt.  Print the Apple icon for the back of your shirt and a few icons for the front of your shirt .  Attach saran wrap to the front of your clothing to look like a broken iPhone screen.

A Law Suit: Wear a suit and attach legal documents to it.

Runaway Bride: Wear a bridal gown, veil,  and sneakers.

Quarter Pounder: Use a hot-glue gun to attach quarters to the back of your shirt.  Carry a hammer and wear a hard hat.

If you have a great inexpensive costume that you’re planning for the Halloween festivities this year, share them with us.  We’d love to hear from you!

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