The Mozart Effect

There is significant research to substantiate a connection between music and the learning of math. The National Association for Music Education provides a wealth of resources that explore this connection.   Many other studies that have been conducted and brain researchers have explored the impact of music on learning in general. According the the NAMM Foundation, there are scientific benefits to play music:

  • Playing a musical instrument can reverse stress at the molecular level, according to studies conducted by Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Applied Biosystems (as published in Medical Science Monitor)
  • Making music can help reduce job burnout and improve your mood, according to a study exposing 112 long-term care workers to six recreational music-making sessions of group drumming and keyboard accompaniment. (as published in Advances in Mind-Body Medicine)
  • Playing music increases human growth hormone (HgH production among active older Americans.  A study following 130 people over two 10-week periods measured participants’ levels of HgH.  The findings revealed that the test group who took group keyboard lessons showed significantly higher levels of HgH than the control group people who did not make music. (University of Miami)

One of the most publicized links between music and academic subjects (including mathematics) is the “Mozart effect”: the claim that exposure to certain types of music — especially exposure to early classical music very early in life — can lead to improved performance on test scores, including tests of spatial visualization, abstract reasoning, and so on.

The NCTM is currently offering grants to support the use of music to teach mathematics in PreK-2.  Grants with a maximum of $3,000 each will be awarded to individual classroom teachers or small groups of teachers collaborating in one grade or across grade levels. The deadline for the grant is November 11, 2011.   Click here for more information about this grant.

If you incorporate music into your instruction, share with us.  We’d love to hear from you!

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