Parental Involvement: A New Metric for NYC Schools

New York City schools will soon be rated based on how well they work with parents.  This new metric was announced by  Chancellor Dennis Walcott on October 26 in a meeting introducing an overhaul of how the city’s education system engages with families.  Walcott said the plan would start with 10 to 15 pilot schools […]

Common Core State Standards Ranked Rigorous

The common-core standards in English/language arts and mathematics are generally aligned to the leading state standards, international standards, and university standards at the high-school-exit level, but are more rigorous in some content areas, says a report released Wednesday. Researchers at the Educational Policy Improvement Center, or EPIC, a Eugene, Ore.-based research organization, compared the content and […]

Technology “Drive-By”

I stumbled across a great blog posting about “tech drive-bys” by Nicholas Provenzano at Edutopia.    As a former technology resource teacher, this post resonated with me because sometimes the simplest things can make a world of difference if you are a tech teacher who wants to help your colleagues incorporate technology into their instruction. […]

Singapore Math adopted in Columbus, OH

The Columbus, Ohio, school district this year adopted a Singapore-style math curriculum for some of its students in grades K-2. The slower-paced curriculum aims to develop a deeper understanding of numbers and place value, with students trying to discover why certain methods are used to solve particular problems. The new approach replaces so-called reform math, […]

Last Minute Halloween Costumes On the Cheap!

Is it really Halloween already?  Where does the time go?  And you don’t have a costume yet? Don’t panic… with a little creativity, you can shop your closet and come up with some great costume options that won’t cost you a thing.  And, if you’re dressing up for the classroom, there are even a few […]

The Mozart Effect

There is significant research to substantiate a connection between music and the learning of math. The National Association for Music Education provides a wealth of resources that explore this connection.   Many other studies that have been conducted and brain researchers have explored the impact of music on learning in general. According the the NAMM Foundation, there are scientific […]

“Flipped” Classrooms Take Advantage of Technology

A growing number of teachers are digitally recording lessons, uploading them to iTunes, and assigning them as homework.  It’s the latest way that technology is changing teachers’ jobs, and tech-savvy educators refer to it as “flipped” or “upside-down” classes.  Teachers who are implementing flipped classrooms say they offer greater control of material and enable them […]

Stop the Bullying

If it seems like bullying in schools is getting worse, you are probably right.  School bullying at all levels of elementary and high school is increasing,  and even the preschool level is beginning to see the effects of bullying and teasing.  According to a recent study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (2010) […]