Teaching with Twitter

For all of my “techies”out there, I stumbled across this great post that I wanted to share.  It’s posted by Kit Seeborg, and shares a presentation by  Dr. William Ward entitled Teaching with Twitter.  Many of the strategies are geared for older students but good teachers know how to tweak strategies to make them work for their own students.

In many cities around the world, kids and adults are returning to the classrooms for a new year at school. So much has changed for students and teachers. First with mobile phones, and now with social media. How can teachers and parents keep up? Along with the development of social media tools, the opportunity for developing new methods of teaching that incorporate these tools are emerging. In the case of microblogging, specifically the use of Twitter, these challenges are global. Thankfully, Glenfield School Technology Coordinator Samantha Morra has taken the time to create the “Introduction to Twitter for Educators.” You can take a walk through the elements of a Twitter page, understand the language and all those crazy acronyms.

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