Learning Centers in the Classroom

Learning centers are an important part of classroom instruction. Children learn best when they are actively engaged and centers can enable teachers to provide one-on-one or small group instruction while other students are working either independently or in small groups.  Designing centers don’t have to be complicated, but experts agree that they should be set […]

What is Singapore Math?

In the most recent Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, Singapore ranked second in the world in fourth-grade math, just behind Hong Kong. The United States placed 11th. Singapore also has excelled on other international tests. So just what is Singapore Math?  The program follows a concrete to representational to abstract approach to teaching mathematical […]

Meet Students Where They Are

Differentiated instruction is a big buzz word right now.  Good teachers have been doing it forever, but it has gained increased attention over the last few years and has become the focus of many school and district initiatives to improve instruction and student achievement.  Basically, differentiated instruction is an instructional theory that provides for individual […]

What teachers really want to tell parents

Ron Clark, author of “The End of Molasses Classes:  Getting our Kids Unstuck, and Disney’s American Teacher of the Year as well as Oprah Winfrey’s pick as her “Phenomenal Man” recently wrote an article for CNN describing what he claims “teachers really want to tell parents.” Clark maintain, “For starters, we are educators, not nannies. […]

One Size Does Not Fit All

Instructional Strategies Used to Implement Differentiated Instruction One size does not fit all when it comes to educating our children.  Fair does not mean equal in the classroom. For years, teachers planned the lesson and delivered it to all the students.  After extensive studies about multiple intelligences and learning styles, brain based research (and some […]

President Obama Proposes Major Investment in Teachers and Facilities

Last week in a nationally-televised speech to members of Congress and the American people, President Obama shared his plan for $447 billion in tax cuts and government spending to boost the nation’s lagging economic recovery. He called on lawmakers to put politics aside and work together to solve the jobs crisis, with specific programs that […]

Teaching with Twitter

For all of my “techies”out there, I stumbled across this great post that I wanted to share.  It’s posted by Kit Seeborg, and shares a presentation by  Dr. William Ward entitled Teaching with Twitter.  Many of the strategies are geared for older students but good teachers know how to tweak strategies to make them work […]