Back-to-School Cookies – Edible Chalkboards

Okay… I know, I know… who has time to bake cookies this time of year, right?  But, I stumbled across this recipe from Celebrations and thought it was worthy of passing along. Create edible chalkboards with these delish chocolate peanut butter cookies. Personalize the them with any school message or back-to-school saying.   Bake the chocolate right into your favorite peanut butter cookie dough frame and inscribe your own text or drawings right on the chocolate! This is a great project for children to create their own chalkboard drawings to give as “welcome back teacher” gifts, or for teachers to share as  a classroom treat.  And, they are just FUN!


Peanut Butter Cookie Dough (or sugar cookie dough)

2 Hershey’s “Special Dark” (120g) Chocolate Bars

1/4 Cup Powdered Sugar (or as needed)


Preheat oven and prepare peanut butter cookie dough as directed. Chill dough in the refrigerator until firm.

You can use store bought or homemade cookie dough depending on your preference.

Peanut butter cookies pair perfectly with chocolate, and give the chalkboard a realistic looking wood frame, because of the color.

As an alternative, you can substitute sugar cookie dough for a peanut free alternative (many schools do not allow peanut products because of allergies).

Break each chocolate bar into 4 equal, 2×2 pieces.

Scoop chilled cookie dough on to your baking sheet and press down to form a rectangle just slightly larger than your chocolate bar rectangles.

Gently press your chocolate rectangles upside down, with the flat side facing up, into each cookie dough frame, so the dough forms a thin border around the chocolate.

Press down on chocolate so it is flush with the cookie dough. Be sure not to press too hard, so you don’t break your chocolate bar.

Bake cookie as directed (or however you normally would!). Once cookies are out of the oven, immediately trim the outer edges with a knife of spatula, forming a straight, even frame.

Invite a friend to two to help you eat the scraps while you let the  cookies cool.

Once your cookies are completely cooled and the chocolate has hardened again, you can draw on your chalkboard!

Using a toothpick, engrave a message or picture, wiping away any excess chocolate.

You don’t need to press down too hard; a medium to light pressure inscription will show up just fine.

Next, sprinkle a little bit of powdered sugar (about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon per cookie) on top of the chocolate.

Using your finger, rub powdered sugar into your engraving and all over the chocolate portion of your chalkboard.

Make sure the powdered sugar fills every engraving you want to be shown.

Package them up in clear plastic bags to give as gifts, invitations, or even write a special message to a loved one!

The best part about these chalkboards is your special message can never be erased… until you eat them, that is!

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