Literature Picks for September

Could there be a more exciting month for teachers and students than September?  It’s a time when children reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. It’s also a time when children experience a wide range of emotions — anticipation, excitement, nervousness, and sometimes fear of the unknown.  But, for most, back to school time […]

Do what you love… Love what you do

As summer comes to a close, it makes me think about how valuable that time is for teachers.  Looking back, summer was always a time to recharge my energy for the classroom.  By June, I was hot, tired, and ready for some rejuvenation.  Don’t get me wrong… I loved being a teacher, but after the […]

Back-to-School Cookies – Edible Chalkboards

Okay… I know, I know… who has time to bake cookies this time of year, right?  But, I stumbled across this recipe from Celebrations and thought it was worthy of passing along. Create edible chalkboards with these delish chocolate peanut butter cookies. Personalize the them with any school message or back-to-school saying.   Bake the […]