July is National Make a Difference in Children Month

Ever wonder what would happen if every single adult in the U.S. took a few hours each month to support a program that supports the well-being of children? Perhaps you would choose to advocate for a child in an unstable environment; or a child in poor health; or one who is struggling with their academics; or one who facing a bully?  What kind of impact would that make on the future of our country?

I recently came across some information about National Make a Difference in Children Month;  a grassroots call to action sponsored by long-time child advocate, Kim Ratz.  The intention of this annual observance is to bring awareness on how our actions can make a positive difference to a child.

Ms. Ratz outlines 4 key actions we can take to have a direct impact on the life of a child on her Website:

1. Pick one (or more) event or activity to do with a child … that will make some kind of positive difference or impact on that child. Need ideas? Read 100+ Ways to Make a Difference to Children.

2. Support an organization that serves children …It could be your local community ed. or schools, YMCA, Boy or Girl Scouts, place of worship, park and recreation or any other organization that serves kids.

3. Tell your policy makers to support initiatives that are good for kids … like your school board, city council, county commissioners, state legislators & congressional delegation; summer is generally a more relaxed time to communicate with them. Share your own story about Making a Difference to Children … and WHY it’s important to support programs for children …

4. Tell other people about this campaign …like your neighbors, relatives, friends, people at work, worship, school or play.

Here are some more ideas from Early Childhood News and Resources on how you can make a difference to a child this month:

  • Volunteer at a local center that helps teen or single mothers (or fathers)
  • Volunteer with your local elementary school
  • Help at a soup kitchen for needy families
  • Help at church with Sunday School, VBS or another faith-based program
  • Locate a service in your area that assists homeless children with school supplies, medical care or social-emotional development
  • Volunteer to read for kids at your local library
  • Teach classes at a local rec center or community center: arts, crafts, reading, sports, ASL, music, etc.
  • Offer your time at the Foundation for the Blind (they often run children’s classes)
  • Find a local farm that hosts classes for special needs kiddos and volunteer there (horse therapy, etc)
  • Don’t have time to volunteer your time? How about a simple donation?

What can YOU do to help a child in need?  Share your ideas and inspiration!

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