Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Summer break is almost here and this is the perfect time to review some important lessons to keep your kids safe and healthy this summer. I found some useful tips from WeAreTeachers:  8 Ways to Make Sure Your Students Stay Safe This Summer.

Here are some highlights from that article that are just too important not to share!

  • Sign up for Safety Alerts from the Click, Check and Protect campaign and get emails to alert you about recalled and dangerous products. (And, once you sign up, be sure to pass this important information along to your students’ parents so they can get FREE alerts as well).
  • Post a daily “Safety Tip of the Day” on your board each morning and go over it with your kids. Not sure what tips to post? Check out AAP’s summer safety tip sheet.
  • Have your students do a year-end report on a summer safety topic.
  • Have your school nurse come into your class and do a special presentation on summer safety.
  • When kids finish their work, direct them to CPSC’s Kidd Safety site where they can find fun games and videos that teach them about summer safety.
  • Use a few class minutes each day to watch a safety video on topics ranging from bike helmets; Sun Safety to swimming pool safety. Need help finding videos? There are some great ones here on the Consumer Reports blog.
  • Explain to your students what a product recall is so that they are aware that every product they own or buy isn’t safe. Then, encourage them to stay in the know about dangerous products.
  • Show your kids photos of bad sunburns and then show them (yes, you can actually demonstrate) how to correctly apply sunscreen. (Pssst: If you’re not sure about proper sunscreen protocol, here’s the CDC’s Sunscreen Recommendations

In addition to these valuable tips from WeAreTeachers; I also recommend the following:

  • Download and share this helpful brochure from the CDC with parents: Play it Safe it in the Sun
  • Devote an entire lesson to teaching Summer Safety tips to your students.  Summer Safety Safari as your guide to develop your lesson.

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