Five Resources for Homeschooling

One of our readers emailed us asking for lesson ideas for homeschooling parents!  This is a great question, and I know many of you homeschool your children.  Homeschooling is not a new concept, in fact,  here is some interesting info we found on

  • Until 1850 most children in America were educated at home;
  • The past 25 years have seen a revival in homeschooling;
  • Between two and three million children in the United States are learning at home;

Here are a few resources we came across you may want to look into! What are some of your favorites?

1) Features an active support community, forum, resources, tips, articles, FAQs, printables and product reviews!

2) Home Education Magazine: Home Education Magazine provides focused and extensive coverage of homeschooling and the issues of interest and concern to homeschooling families, advocates, and supporters.

3) Homeschooling is Legal This site is devoted to dispelling myths and misconceptions about homeschooling.  It serves to inform and educate homeschoolers about their legal rights and risks.

4) Packed with resource articles, activities, recommendations and links to other homeschooling sites that will get you well on your way to homeschool success!

5) A guide to homeschool resources and services that will help you successfully homeschool your children. Has activities and resources for all ages and learning levels.

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