Spotlight on Chicago’s Private Schools

Chicago School Supply recognizes that private schools often find it a challenge to effectively educate community members and prospective families on what their particular school has to offer. With that in mind, Chicago School Supply is excited to feature some of these unique private schools in our new blog feature Spotlight on Chicago’s Private Schools.

This week we are proud to partner with St. Phillip Neri School. Founded in 1913St. Phillip Neri School is an urban Pre-K thru 8th grade school located in the South Shore neighborhood community of Chicago. Recently we sat down with Principal Linda Sanders to learn more about what makes St. Phillip Neri School unique.

Q. Linda, what are some of the basic demographics of St. Philip Neri School?

A. 99% of our students are African-American and we serve the Southeast side of Chicago

Q. What is the philosophy (theology) of the school?

A. Roman Catholic

Q. What is unique about your curriculum?

A. We use the inquriy method of instruction to increase our students problem solving and critical thinking skills as they relate to real-life experience. A major focus in our curriculum is based on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) method. We also have an exciting partnership with thein which the students participate in the incubation of 32 chicks. Through this partnership, the students are all members of the popular youth developmental club, 4-H.

Q. What degrees are held by the staff?

A. All of our teachers are certified. Our Pre-K /Kindergarten teacher hold a degree in early childhood education and is also a Golden Apple Scholar. Our Math teacher holds a master’s degree.

Q. What is the teacher/student ratio?

A. 22:1

Q. What is the typical schedule of the school day?

A. Our school hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. We also offer extended care for students from 6 a.m.-8:00a.m. and in the afternoon from 2:45 p.m.-6:00p.m. The students have a 30 minute lunch every day. All of our students participate in the following once per week: Spanish, Theater, Physical Education, and Music Theory. As part of our music curriculum we offer interested students instrument lessons once per week.

Q. What opportunities are there for Parent Involvement?

A. At St. Philip Neri we have wonderful and very involved parents. There are a variety of committees that the parents serve on including the School Board. Some of our parents are involved in the selection of the curriculum, fundraising, and assisting in our classrooms.

Q. How long has the school been in operation?

A. 98 years

Q. What type of activities are offered to the students?

A. Basketball, cheerleading, music, and art. We also offer an After School Adventures program where the students can join small-groups for arts and crafts, and book clubs, or participate in individual classes in piano, violin,  flute. Our summer school is a full day offering instruction in the core academic areas and also a wide variety of activities from music to marshal arts in the afternoon. The summer program is open to the community so anyone can take advantage of these activities. Please contact us for summer school and after-care rates.

Q. What is the tuition, and how is it paid?

A. One child is $3900 per year, two children-$6000 per year, and for three or more children-$8000 per year. All day preschool is $4000 per year.

Q. Is it possible to schedule a tour and meet some of the staff and parents?

A. Absolutely! To avoid disruption in our classes, tours are by appointment only. We also host four open houses per year for prospective families and the community.

Q. What is the best way to receive enrollment and tuition information?

A. You can call our school directly.

Q. Is there any other information you would like the community to know about St. Phillip Neri?

A. Next year we will be considered a “power school”. We are excited about this because this online resource will really provide the opportunity to make timely decision that impact sudent performance while establishing a collaborative environment for parents, teachers and students.   We will also offer the Rosetta Stone language program for Spanish so our students can extend their learning beyond school to home. After the students reach level five in the program, they are eligible to learn another language.

For more information about St. Philip Neri or to arrange a tour of the school please contact

Linda Sanders, School Principal

2110 E. 72nd Street

Chicago, IL 60619

(773) 288-1138

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