Creative Classroom Writing Exercise for Grades 5-12

When we put the call out this week to invite teachers to be guest bloggers by sharing their ideas and lesson plans- the response was overwhelming!

We decided to feature Authors Page (below) submitted to us by Liz from Arrowhead Union High School in Wisconsin where she teaches 12th grade Creative Writing, Advanced Composition and Journalism (English). Here is what she has to say about this exercise:

Can you tell us some background information on this exercise? At the end of the semester, each class creates their own “class book.” The students choose their favorite five (or more) pieces and put them in the class book. They put their author’s page before their pieces.We will read the book aloud and discuss the pieces as a class.

We often will do the 6 word autobiography before doing the author’s page to get them thinking. I do my own author’s page and show this to them as an example.

What grade level do you recommend this exercise for? I would recommend this for a get-to-know-you idea or an English/writing assignment for grades 5 and up. Or you could use the assignment as I do in a class publication. Or if you’re working on writing in third person, this would be a great assignment!

Thank you Liz for submitting this creative exercise to share with our readers!

Author’s Page

If the cover and title are what initially entice readers to pick up a book, it’s the author’s profile that persuades others to open the front cover. Who is the author? What are they like? What kind of writing do they do?

Grade Levels: 5-12
Subject: English/Writing


You will write your own author’s page. Include a photo, a short biographical sketch, any previous published works, your interests, what you believe in, what you are currently writing, etc. Have fun! These do not have to be serious, but they do have to be truthful.

Possible questions to answer:
• When did you start writing?
• What do you do to get ready to write?
• What are your favorite writing materials?
• What do you do to put off writing?
• What inspires you to write?
• If you had a pen name, what would it be?
• What advice would you give to other writers?
• What have you always wanted to write?

Rubric. Each is worth 10 points:
• The piece shows us about you as a person
• The piece shows us about you as an author
• The piece is descriptive
• The piece includes a picture
• The piece includes fun facts about yourself
• The piece is written in the third person

• The piece includes your interests/hobbies
• The piece has quality versus quantity (no more than one
• The piece includes where you’re from (either as a person
or author)
• The piece includes at least one story

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