Free eBook of the Month: Reading Readiness Essentials, Language Games and Centers

eBooks for elementary school, middle school, high school students and teachers!

Each month we feature an eBook from our collection of 10,000+ education titles for students and teachers to download and use to enhance their classroom curriculum. Why do we recommend eBooks?

  • eBooks are less costly than traditional books
  • eBooks are available instantly.
  • eBooks take up no physical storage space and minimal electronic storage space.
  • eBooks integrate seamlessly with classroom technology. Teachers can easily post homework assignments to class web pages, email assignments to parents and absent students, or use eBook pages with interactive whiteboards and overhead projectors.
  • eBooks are the green choice.

Our featured eBook of the month is Reading Readiness Essentials, Language Games and Centers. The books in this series are as varied as the needs of the children in your classroom. The age-appropriate, engaging activities make learning fun and exciting. There are a broad range of active learning experiences from which to choose.

Download  Your Free Copy of Reading Readiness Essentials, Language Games and Centers

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