Classroom Blogs Can Be Helpful Teaching Tools

If you have not begun using Weblogs as part of your classroom resources, you might be missing out!  Blogging can be a wonderful teaching tool and using this platform is becoming more common in classrooms.

Teachers use blogs for many reasons;  but the reason that stands out is  it encourages and motivates learning in a platform most students are comfortable using.  Not to mention blogs are

  • Fun & different;
  • Effective communications & classroom management tool,
  • Encourage critical thinking,
  • Allow  more creativity and interaction

Blogs are also very versatile and can be adapted into any classroom.  Teachers of of any age group or subject will find they can use blogging to

  • Make classroom announcements and homework assignments;
  • Launch collaborative discussions and projects;
  • Encourage students to share in discussions and exchange ideas;
  • Develop real world writing skills and personal expression;
  • Participate in classroom writing assignments
  • Reinforce curriculum by adding supplemental resources such as photos, articles, study guides, videos & podcasts and more
  • Track progress of your classroom

Kidblog is safe and simple blogging platform suitable for elementary and middle school students for teachers that allows you to start individual blogs without giving student email addresses.  It also allows teachers to maintain complete control over all posts and have access to review them before they are posted.   This platform puts student privacy and safety first- so this is certainly a resource to check out!

Another resource to check out is our Enhanced eBook: Blogging in the Classroom This enhanced eBook gives you the freedom to copy and paste the content of each page into the format that fits your needs. You can post lessons on your class website, make student copies, and more.

For more information on how you can use blogs in the classroom, check out

Web 2.0′s list 33 Ways to Use Blog in Your Classroom and Educational Settings
Check Out Class Blogs!

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