Ways to Celebrate Music In Our Schools Month in March!

This month is officially Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM), a public outreach program designed by The National Association for Music Education to support school music programs and raise awareness of the importance of music education.  Music education can have overwhelmingly positive benefits for students, yet increasing budget cuts threaten music programs in schools all over the nation.

From childrensmusicworkshop.com : The benefits conveyed by music education can be grouped in four categories: Success in society; Success in school; Success in developing intelligence; Success in life.

Let’s join MENC’s campaign and celebrate music in our schools this month and throughout the year! MIOSM and the events surrounding it are the ideal opportunities for increasing awareness of the benefits of high quality music education programs in our nation’s schools. MENC hopes that teachers, students, and music supporters alike will find ways to join in on the celebration through creative activities and advocacy. Here are some resources to help:



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Activity Ideas and Lesson Plans

Classroom Activity Ideas from MENC
Music Education Madness Site
Music Lesson Plans from Teacher Vision
Music Lesson Plans from Teachnology.com

Children Music Supplies from Schoodoodle

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