Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Outlines Plans for Education Funding in FY 2012 Budget

We received the following news from the Illinois Association of School Administrators last week and felt it was important enough to pass on to you!  I invite you to share your feedback and thoughts on this news in our comments section or on Facebook!

Governor Pat Quinn unveiled his budget priorities for Fiscal Year 2012 last week in the annual Budget Address before a joint session of the Illinois Senate and House of Representatives. In an overall State budget that the Governor says will cut about a billion dollars below FY 2011 levels, Governor Quinn generally spared overall education spending but outlined new spending priorities for elementary and secondary education.

For school districts, the regular transportation reimbursement line item would take another hit, this time to the tune of $95 million below the FY ’11 funding level. The Governor cut the transportation line item in FY ’11 as well, so if this additional cut goes through school districts will likely receive transportation reimbursement claims paid at less than 50 cents on the dollar.

Governor Quinn also calls for the elimination of all State funding for Regional Offices of Education (ROE). By cutting out all State budget line items for regional superintendent services and salaries, the State will save $13 million.

The Governor also called for consolidation – possibly forced consolidation – of school districts. He plans to establish a commission to look into the issue.

Click here to view the entire Alliance Legislative Report.

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