Bring on Spring with Bright and Colorful Bulletin Boards!

Classroom Bulletin Board Spring Decorating Tips Bulletin Board decorations can serve as a teaching tool and it can make a classroom feel more welcoming to students. With a bit of planning and creativity- adding seasonal touches to your bulletin board goes a long way to build excitement for learning. Here are some easy tips to get […]

Science Fair Project Ideas with Living Creatures Projects from Insect Lore

Bring Science to Life with Ant Hill & Butterfly Pavilion Projects Science Fair Projects can be taken to a whole new level with products from our Living Creatures collection.   Projects such as an ant factory, butterfly pavilion, animal games and puzzle sets, lady bug land, inflatables or petri dishes can be effective teaching tools to […]

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Outlines Plans for Education Funding in FY 2012 Budget

We received the following news from the Illinois Association of School Administrators last week and felt it was important enough to pass on to you!  I invite you to share your feedback and thoughts on this news in our comments section or on Facebook! Governor Pat Quinn unveiled his budget priorities for Fiscal Year 2012 […]

Spotlight on Chicago’s Private Schools

Chicago School Supply recognizes that private schools often find it a challenge to educate effectively community members and prospective families on what their particular school has to offer. With that in mind, Chicago School Supply is excited to feature some of these unique private schools in our new blog feature Spotlight on Chicago’s Private Schools. […]

How Should We Handle Habitual “Scofflaws” in Our Schools?

Are Traditional Disciplinary Actions Effective in High Schools? We recently received an email from a School Superintendent who has wisely reached out and asked for solutions and ideas  in dealing with a very common trend in school discipline.  When I read this, I empathized and began to wonder if there are other educators and administrators out […]

Five Resources to Find Funding for Your Classroom

As our technology and innovation develops, there are more options than ever to provide our students with a sensational classroom experience.  The downside however,  is new technology and resources costs money- and with widespread education budget cuts, teachers have been stretched to their limits as they try to provide for their students.  Many teachers will […]

Featured Lesson Plan of the Week For Valentines Day!

We found this week’s Featured Lesson Plans on The Hot Chalk Valentines Day Lesson Plans Page! This valuable online resource features over 4,000 free lesson plans, free online teacher tools and thousands of additional teacher resources! Featured Lesson Plans of the Week: Robot Valentine Mailbox By Jamie Rhodes Subject – Art Grade Level – K-8 Directions: […]

A Valentines Day History Lesson from

Did you know that more than one billion Valentine’s Day cards are given in the United States every year?  Of those, teachers get the most Valentine’s Day cards of anyone; children get the second most. No doubt that kids LOVE Valentines Day and bringing this fun holiday to your class can be a delightful learning […]

The “Dos” and “Don’ts” of a Winning Science Fair Display

It is Science Fair time for students and teachers across the nation! This is traditionally the time of the year when young scientists and their teachers are preparing to shine and compete in Science Fairs hosted by schools and organizations all over the country. Science Fair Sanity is a free resource for students and teachers […]