Teachers Can Bring a Happy New Year to the Classroom by Setting Positive Intentions

Happy New Year everyone!  2011 is here- that means students and teachers will soon be returning to the classroom and life as we know it will resume. Bringing ourselves back from Winter break can sometimes be a challenge; but setting positive intentions for the new year can bring the boost that you need to effectively manage your classroom and inspire your students.  Hope this article written by a teacher for teachers will help make this year a great one….

New Teacher Tips – Setting Positive Intentions For the New Year
By Dorit Sasson

Setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly intentions is necessary for any teacher who wants to teach successfully and with confidence. When teachers learn to set positive intentions, they find they can cope much more effectively with challenging classroom situations. But often those little voices of self-doubt tend to get in the way. I’m sure you’ve also heard these voices:

“I have a good class, it’s just student X who’s a constant discipline problem. He literally controls the class.”
“These students will RUIN my lesson because of student X. Uh-oh, I have a feeling this lesson isn’t going to work out…”
“This is the HARDEST class ever! It will be a miracle if I make it out of this classroom alive!”

Sound familiar? Chances are these pesky voices are also getting in the way of what COULD be a potentially successful class. When feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty start to creep into my head, I start make a mental note of those negative voices in my teaching journal. Then I focus on the positive as a way of resetting my intention.

Here’s an example of using words positively:

  • I KNOW I can do this!
  • This new year is going to be GREAT!
  • This class is going to work out even with student X’s behavior.
  • I’ll be successful at this, I just know it!
  • I have all the power and energy that I need to teach this class successfully. I’ve experienced success with this class before!
  • No one said that teaching and managing a class would be easy.

Even with the challenges of managing a classroom, teachers can still set positive intentions. And after terrible lessons, it is possible to control those negative thoughts. And by doing so, you remain focused on what you want and let go of what you don’t want. When you are able to set positive intentions consistently, successful lessons start to follow on a regular basis.

Don’t wait for the new year to start to take action. Enter the new year with peace of mind, knowing you are on the path towards success! Try it!

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Dorit Sasson is a freelance writer, educator and founder and director of the New Teacher Resource Center. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dorit_Sasson

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