Featured Lesson Plan of the Week: Expand and Contract (Science Project)

Expand and ContractEach week, Schoodoodle features a lesson plan for teachers that covers a range of subjects and grade levels. This week, we are focusing on Science Curriculum for young students (Ages Pre-K through 2nd Grade). Our lesson plan is actually a Science Project idea from ScienceFairSanity.com.

This free teacher resource provides free science fair projects for students of all ages to download.   Teachers can also find additional Science Curriculum ebooks and hundreds of science school supplies for everything from physics to forensics!   We hope that you will enjoy this week’s lesson plan:

Science Fair Projects Pre-K to 2nd Grade: Expand and Contract

Can you blow up a balloon without blowing into it?

Purpose: To blow up a balloon without blowing into it.

Materials: Empty 2-liter soft-drink plastic bottle, balloon, hot water, ice, deep bowl, and record page.


  • Put the balloon over the mouth of the bottle.
  • Draw balloons on the record page to show what you think will happen when you put the bottle in hot water and in ice.
  • Hold the bottle down in a bowl of hot water. What happened?
  • Empty the hot water nom the bowl and fill it with ice. What happened?
  • Record the actual results on the prediction page. Fill in the page as follows:
  1. The hot water made the balloon
  2. The ice made the balloon

Results: The air in the bottle was warmed by the hot water. Warm air expands. This made the balloon inflate. The ice cooled the air in the bottle. Cool air shrinks. The balloon deflated.

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