Featured Lesson Plan of the Week: A World of Thanks (Grades 4-8)

Now that Thanksgiving is just weeks away, we will be sharing all of our best Thanksgiving Resources and classroom ideas with you.   Our lesson plan idea this week comes to us again from The Hot Chalk Lesson Plans Page.  This valuable online resource features over 4,000 free lesson plans, free online teacher tools and thousands of additional teacher resources!

To prepare your students for Thanksgiving, consider using this wonderful lesson plan By Candace Beckel.  Be sure to visit their page so you can download the Printable Version of this lesson plan.

A World of Thanks

Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 4-8

This lesson plan helps kids explore other cultures and languages while getting into the Thanksgiving spirit at the same time!

  • Have the kids get online and find out how to say “thank you” or “thankful” in other languages.
  • Have the kids keep a list, then transfer the words onto cute Thanksgiving cut-outs.
  • The cut-outs can then be stapled/taped to a bulletin board or wall with the heading “A World of Thanks” above it. Very culturally diverse!
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