Teaching Telephone is Our Facebook Friday Giveaway This Week!

Earlier this month, we launched a fun weekly promotion to award our growing Facebook Community of parents and educators.  Each week, we highlight a product from our online catalog that we will be giving away and you have until Friday to post your comments on our Facebook wall about why you would like to win […]

Featured Lesson Plan of the Week: Expand and Contract (Science Project)

Each week, Schoodoodle features a lesson plan for teachers that covers a range of subjects and grade levels. This week, we are focusing on Science Curriculum for young students (Ages Pre-K through 2nd Grade). Our lesson plan is actually a Science Project idea from ScienceFairSanity.com. This free teacher resource provides free science fair projects for […]

Four Classroom Game Kits is our Facebook Friday Prize…Black Friday Edition

Here is a Black Friday discount that is worth your time…..how about  Four Free Game Kits  for your classroom? To kick off the holiday season, we thought it would be fun to give away four game sets with classic games everyone loves like chess, checkers, and backgammon on Friday, November 26 (aka Black Friday)…..Games engage the […]

Lesson Plan of the Week: Family Traditions from Teachnology

Thanksgiving is just one week away and is a time to reflect and appreciate what we have and spend time with our family and friends. It is also a time to honor family traditions; and our lesson plan this week is centered around that idea. Teachnology is again the source of this weeks lesson plan […]

Is Your Classroom Ready for Winter? Plan Ahead to Save Money and Time.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we know what that means….Teachers always tell us that December passes at warp speed (the entire month is a flurry of holiday activities and excitement) and next thing you know- Winter Break is here.  Hey- weren’t we just talking about the first day of the 2010/2011 school year? […]

Schoodoodle Launches Facebook Friday Giveaway

Exciting news- this week, we are launching a weekly giveaway to show appreciation to our loyal and growing Facebook community of teachers, parents and other education advocates.  Allow me to introduce Schoodoodle’s Facebook Friday Giveaway! What is a Facebook Friday Giveaway? So glad you asked! Here is how it works: We feature a different educational product […]

Thanksgiving Lesson Plans from Teachnology is our Featured Lesson Plan of the Week.

Thanksgiving is coming up- and your students will enjoy bringing this festive holiday into the classroom. Thanksgiving can be used to teach a range of subjects for students of all ages- Social Studies, Art, Language Arts- some lesson plans even support Math and Science curriculums! Our lesson plan idea this week comes to us again […]

Featured Lesson Plan of the Week: A World of Thanks (Grades 4-8)

Now that Thanksgiving is just weeks away, we will be sharing all of our best Thanksgiving Resources and classroom ideas with you.   Our lesson plan idea this week comes to us again from The Hot Chalk Lesson Plans Page.  This valuable online resource features over 4,000 free lesson plans, free online teacher tools and […]