Featured Lesson Plan of the Week: Election Vocabulary Bingo

Classroom FlagNow that Election Day is just a week away (Tuesday, November 2),  we want to encourage teachers take advantage of this learning opportunity in American politics and history.  Though students are not old enough to vote, they can still feel involved in the process of electing our leaders and determining the future of our county.  When we engage our children and teach them to care about this process; it nurtures a desire and commitment for them to be caring and responsible citizens later.

Our featured lesson plan this week comes from Teacher Vision and is featured in their large selection of Election Day Teaching Resources and printable lesson plans.  We hope that you will visit this source to enhance your Election Day curriculum and share your ideas!

Enjoy this weeks featured lesson plan!

Election Vocabulary Bingo
Grade Levels: 4 – 7


  • Students will review election vocabulary.
  • Teacher will be able to assess students’ knowledge of election vocabulary.



After students have had a few days to review and learn all of the election vocabulary, play a game of bingo with them.
Distribute Bingo Cards and chips. Read the definitions of the words out loud. Students put a chip on the cards when they see the word that matches the definition.

When students have four across, diagonally, or vertically they yell out “Bingo!”
Have students read out the words that gave them bingo, checking that you actually read the definitions for those words. Give winners prizes. Students switch cards and play again!

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