Free Ebook of the Month is “Creative Kids: Simple Science Fun”

October's Free Ebook: Simple Science FunWe are on a mission to provide K-12 teachers and home schools everywhere with the tools and the resources they need to bring more to the classroom.  Each month, Schoodoodle  gives away a free eBook for educators from our catalog of over 10,000 eBooks to be used in the classroom.  This is a chance for you to try an eBook for free- a growing and sustainable trend among educators.  This month- we are focusing on science and our featured book is Creative Kids: Simple Science Fun.

Children are introduced to quick and easy science experiences which are amazing, exciting, and intellectually stimulating. Experiment with air pressure, homemade chemicals, gravity, and water to discover principles of physical science.

Investigate Earth by learning how a volcano erupts, how rocks become smooth, and what is in the air we breathe. Examine the basis of life, why plants grow toward the sun, and how fish swim underwater. Simple Science Fun begins to teach children the value of decision-making, which will become a necessary skill as they grow.

For additional help with your Science Class lessons- be sure to visit Science Fair Sanity .

Click Here to Download Your Free eBook: Creative Kids: Simple Science Fun

Please note- this ebook is a pdf- and may take a few minutes to download.   Enjoy!

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