Educational Company Spotlight: Pride Fundraising is Providing Schools with Healthier Fundraising Events.

Illinois Principals Association has partnered with Pride Fundraising to Promote Healthier Fundraising Options

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When it comes to school and community organizations, fundraising is a fact of life. At some point, every parent and teacher will find themselves involved (on multiple occasions) in an event to help raise money to promote activities in their school. Many of these fundraising activities have been centered around selling unhealthy food and snacks.

Fortunately, thanks to companies like Pride Fundraising, it looks like the days of sending our kids mixed messages about healthy lifestyle choices might be short lived. For decades, traditional fundraising options have been limited to snacks and candy high in sugar, empty calories and saturated fats. Teachers and parents are demanding we do away with these unhealthy options when it comes to fundraising and promote healthier choices.

Here in the state of Illinois, we are thrilled that the Illinois Principals Association has partnered with Pride Fundraising to provide schools with healthier, more profitable fundraising events. Healthier fundraising options include Pride Fundraising’s trademarked Fun Runs, Bike-a-thons and Walk-a-thons. These programs are easy-to-use and allow you to keep up to 90% of the profits.

Pride Fundraising offers a free sample and information kit. Please visit the IPA’s landing page at and request a free sample and information kit.  Be sure to use promotion code IPA to save $100 should you choose to register a new fundraising event.

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