Teach Students Respect & Good Manners With Our Free eBook of the Month

Respect MattersWe have heard from numerous sources that September is Good Manners Month; and we agree that good manners in the classroom are extremely important! So important in fact, we are giving away a free download of our featured eBook of the month and winner of The Learning Magazine 2007 Teacher’s Choices Award: Respect Matters.

Respect Matters helps teachers integrate respect into the core curriculum through discussion points and activities. You’ll spark group discussion and individual reflection while helping your students develop the values and civil behavior they need to succeed in life. Challenge your students to think about the impact of respecting cultural differences, laws and authority, others’ opinions, oneself, and more.

We want to help teachers everywhere to get the school year off on the right foot.  To achieve our mission to become a top resource for teachers and educators, we provide a complimentary eBook from our catalog of over 10,000 eBooks each month that can be used in the classroom.

Click Here to Download Your Free Copy of Respect Matters

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