Parents and Teachers Asked to Supplement Classroom Supplies as a Result of Public School Systems Budget Cuts

When I saw this piece reported by Janet Shamlian on NBC’s Today Show this morning I knew I had to address this.   Numerous school systems across the country are facing massive budget cuts; and parents are being asked to pick up the tab to pay for the most basic classroom necessities like soap, paper towels, tissue paper and much more.

Some feel that this is a lot to ask many families who are already struggling to make ends meet.  On the other hand, it is unacceptable to expect teachers to pay for their classroom supplies out of their own pockets (which many do every year without a single complaint). What does this mean about the state of our public education in this country?  Teachers/parents- are you being asked to pay more for your child’s classroom needs?  Share your thoughts on the story:

Cash-strapped schools ask parents to dig deep
As NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports, some school districts are asking parents to purchase beyond the ordinary school supplies amid severe budget cuts. But what should families on a strict budget do? Personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich shares shopping tips.

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