BetterLesson Helping Teachers to Collaborate, Find New Ideas

I came across an article today introducing a new site dedicated to helping teachers by combining social networking with lesson planning: Could this be the next frontier in classroom and lesson development?

The network was founded by a group of teachers from Atlanta and Boston public schools but is is led by former 6th Grade teacher Alex Grodd (also a Teach for America graduate) .  This resource is is accessible to teachers all over the world and connects them to new ideas, support and lesson plans on a range of curriculum topics.

Hard to imagine it was not long ago when teachers resources were limited to their communities and personal collection of books and handouts or whatever they could find in the local library.  We are now in an age where we can get advice and support from teachers living thousands of miles away.  We can experience virtual learning without the constraints of time and space.

What distinguishes this site is their set of Core Principles:

Every educator – regardless of school location, resources, or demographics – should have access to the best instructional content in the world.

A good lesson is a creative achievement. Lesson creators should receive real recognition for their original works.

A high-quality curriculum (180 high-quality lessons in a row) drives student achievement.

Sustained collaboration is fundamental to the creation and delivery of the highest quality instruction.

To learn more about this exciting resource be sure to read A place for educators to steal their colleagues’ best ideas by Elizabeth Green

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