More Classroom Learning Center Tips from CenterSOLUTIONS™

One of the keys to successful classroom management is to create an organized and engaging learning center(s) for your students. Learning Centers create an environment for students to receive more individual attention by breaking into smaller groups.  They can also be an effective learning tool by participating in Language Arts and Math activities and games.

CenterSOLUTIONS™ shares some helpful tips to creating a great learning centers:

1. Assign the responsibility of cleaning up and keeping materials in order to a “Center Captain” (kids love to be in charge!)

2. Give your students a 2 minute warning before clean up time….it will make clean up much easier when they receive advanced warning.

Ideal for centers and cooperative learning, CenterSOLUTIONS™ contains four complete games in each set. Every game focuses on a different skill making it perfect for differentiated instruction. For more info, visit:

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