Back To School Decorations Can Make a Classroom Feel More Welcoming to Students

Welcome Students Back to School with a Decorated Classroom

As a general rule, first impressions go a long way.  As the new school year is gearing up, consider putting special touches in your classroom to welcome back your students and make a positive first impression. This is the best time to get creative to bring the spirit of a new school year to build the excitement for learning.  Here are some tips to get your started

Creative Bright and Colorful Bulletin Boards: Bulletin Boards are often set the tone for the classroom environment and upcoming school year.   Make a plan to coordinate your bulletin board themes to match your curriculum and the seasons  (this even goes for middle and high school students) .   Decorate a bulletin board in 3 easy steps:

1. Cover your bulletin board with attractive and versatile bulletin board paper– you can choose a pattern or a solid color depending on your theme and personal taste.

2.  Carefully staple a border into place completely around the board to conceal the metal frame.

3. Choose a focal point, and hang your display around it- perhaps your focal point is a quote, a poster, a chart, a work of art- it can be anything.

4.  Liven up the display even more by adding Bulletin Board Accents .  Punch Out Letters are also a great way to draw attention to to your theme!

4.  Don’t overcrowd the space- Leave space for the students! Plan to incorporate your student’s work into your classroom to give them a sense of pride and ownership on their learning environment.

Decorate in Unexpected Places: Students delight at finding fun objects to look at when their teachers create learning spaces in creative places- on the ceiling, behind doors, in corners, on bookshelves, even in the classroom rest rooms!  Add seasonal pictures, posters and images that are associated with “Back to School” themes throughout the classroom.

Calendars: Keep a colorful calendar of the current month with special dates, student birthdays and events marked for all to see.

Use Student Name Tags to help overcome first day nerves (and help you learn the names of your new students!)

Use Classroom Posters as a Teaching Tool: Teachers at all levels use educational posters in their classrooms to reinforce their curriculum and classroom themes. You can all find posters for any classroom subject- but be sure to refer to them often and use them in your teaching lessons.  Your students will appreciate it!

Reward Positive Behavior with Stickers, Stampers & Awards! Stickers, Badges & Certificates can mean a lot to a student, especially if they are displayed publicly. Motivate your students by rewarding them with public recognition for a job well done!

Utilize Pocket Charts: Pocket Charts are a versatile teaching tool perfect for learning centers, classroom management, and remediation.  Teachers love using them because they help to reinforce classroom themes and lessons visually.

Here are some other tips that I found and wanted to share from

  • Putting bulletin board borders around the windows makes them seem larger and makes the room very inviting!
  • Plants are an excellent way to add some color and life to a room, but make sure you don’t get anything with a scent that someone could be allergic to.
  • Rocking chairs and lots of colorful borders help.  I also had a large fake palm tree.  I had to leave these thing behind when I moved to my latest school, much to the delight of my former coworkers.
  • I used a cheap beach blanket to create an inviting area for students to gather and for me to pull small groups to.  Area rugs are a cheap and easy way to make a classroom feel like a home.

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