Featured Teaching Safari: Chicago Money, Finance, and Government Tour

As we gear up for another school year, our Teaching Safari program has grown into one of the top educational field trip resources in our area.  Our wonderful team of Chicago Education Consultants, LLC have worked hard to develop a unique series of Chicago Cultural Literacy Tours for students.  Teachers and parents have found these series […]

More Classroom Learning Center Tips from CenterSOLUTIONS™

One of the keys to successful classroom management is to create an organized and engaging learning center(s) for your students. Learning Centers create an environment for students to receive more individual attention by breaking into smaller groups.  They can also be an effective learning tool by participating in Language Arts and Math activities and games. […]

Back To School Decorations Can Make a Classroom Feel More Welcoming to Students

As a general rule, first impressions go a long way.  As the new school year is gearing up, consider putting special touches in your classroom to welcome back your students and make a positive first impression. This is the best time to get creative to bring the spirit of a new school year to build […]

Illinois State Sales Tax Holiday for School Supplies

Effective August 6, 2010, through August 15, 2010, a state sales tax holiday will be implemented and certain items purchased during this time period will have a reduced sales tax rate. The sales tax rate you will be required to collect during the holiday period is the rate currently in effect on the date of […]

Free eBook of the Month: September! A Creative Idea Book for the Elementary Teacher

It is my sincere hope that teachers everywhere are enjoying some much deserved time off and their summer vacations!  But we all know a teacher’s work is never really done and many of you are already preparing for the upcoming 2010/2011 school year. This month’s free eBook comes from our catalog of over 10,000 eBooks […]

Just for Fun: 10 Free Things to Do With Your Kids in Chicago

Everyone is looking for ways to beat the heat  this summer without breaking the bank, right? If you live in Chicago, you are in luck because we have numerous places to visit that are safe for the whole family- and will not cost a dime!    Thanks to www.chicagokids.com for putting this great list together! […]

Have You Tried This? Check out the Wolfram|Alpha, a Computational Knowledge Engine

A colleague of mine sent me a video recently to a new resource, a “computational knowledge engine” called the Wolfram|Alpha that absolutely amazed me. This new product will open the door to educators everywhere and is worth checking out. If you take the time to watch the video, you get the full idea of how […]