Free eBook Available for Download: Advantage Math (Grade 1)

Advantage MathSchoodoodle wants  to help provide teachers and parents the resources to keep their student’s minds sharp all summer.  Each month we will be featuring a free sample of one of  our many educational eBooks to enhance your classroom  (or home) learning resources.   We currently offer over 10,000 electronic book titles to download for elementary school, middle school, and high school students that cover a wide range of topics that spans all categories of science, math, literature, art, music, history, reading, writing, character development, life skills and much much  more.

As you browse our entire catalog of eBooks for Teachers; you will see how much this technology is enhancing the learning experience.  You will also appreciate how you can review the books for free on the sample links, download immediately, and own forever! Since we have added this feature, the demand for this technology has grown substantially.

Our featured free eBook download this month is Advantage Math (Grade 1).  These comprehensive resources offers activity pages that make math fun while offering plenty of essential computation practice infused with a strong problem-solving strand.  What student doesn’t need a little edge in school? Whether it’s extra practice to get a struggling student up to grade level, added challenge for the gifted child, or skill review to bridge the gap between grades, the Advantage Series offers that edge.

All Advantage books feature fully reproducible pages for use in the classroom, plus parent tips, self-directed activities, and student-motivating features that make them perfect for home use. The Advantage Series goes a step beyond textbooks to help teach and reinforce basic skills in a creative, comfortable way so every child can experience success.

Click Here to Download Your Free Copy of  Advantage Math (Grade 1).

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