Duncan to Teachers: Integrate Engaging Digital Content


The federal government’s investment in education technology is an opportunity for the publishing industry, which must respond by creating more engaging content that is relevant for today’s tech-savvy students, said Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Speaking before the Association of American Publishers on March 4, Duncan said most young people can’t remember a time without the Internet. “But right now,” he said, “many students’ learning experiences in school don’t match the reality outside of school. We need to bridge this gap. We need to make school more relevant and engaging. We must make the on-demand, personalized tech applications that are part of students’ daily lives a more strategic part of their academic lives.”

He added: “If we fail to do this for all our students, we’ll fail to prepare them for the future that awaits them, and the skills the world will require of them.” To support technological innovation in learning, President Obama has proposed investing $500 million over ten years in an Online Skills Initiative designed to produce free and open online courses that contribute to post-secondary success, Duncan said.

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(eSchool News 03.08.10)

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