State House backs 4-day school week

SPRINGFIELD — In an effort to help strapped school districts save money, the House on Monday approved a bill that would let local school boards set four-day weeks for students.  Students would still be required to go to school the same number of hours every year. That could mean longer school days or shorter summer […]

Schoodoodle Spotlight Product of the Month-Winther Tricycles and Bicycles

Scooters, viking tricycles / trikes, and push bikes from provide exercise and fun for your early childhood learners! We proudly sell Winther brand products, including Viking, Nova Viking, Mini Viking, and the Turtle Kiddy Bus. Keep your children safe, add a safety helmet to your order. A real Winther classic! For decades, the well-known […]

Duncan to Teachers: Integrate Engaging Digital Content

The federal government’s investment in education technology is an opportunity for the publishing industry, which must respond by creating more engaging content that is relevant for today’s tech-savvy students, said Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Speaking before the Association of American Publishers on March 4, Duncan said most young people can’t remember a time without the […]