Classroom eBook of the Month: Winter Olympics Activities

Last October, introduced supplemental classroom curriculum books in the form of eBooks into our online store and library.  We began with 5,000 eBooks for teachers to download, share and use in their classrooms.  The demand has been so great- that we have doubled our selection in just a few months. 

We now offer over 10,000 titles for educators to choose from that range in all subject areas.  Preview the books for free on the sample links, download immediately, and own forever!  Each month- we will be featuring new eBooks for you to use to enhance your classroom curriculum but you can view the entire catalog for a range of categories.  

This month, the talk is all about The Winter Olympics Stimulate interest and awareness of the history of the games; traditions carried out prior to the games and during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies; types of sporting events; athletes; sporting equipment used; location, sportsmanship and more. 

Each of these featured products contain resources and activities for teachers to use in their classroom to Bring the Olympic spirit to life.

All About the Winter Olympics: Grades 2-3 (*Enhanced eBook)

The Winter Olympics: Grades 4-8 (*Enhanced eBook)

Share the Olympic Dream U.S.

Olympic Brain Teasers 

Journey to Vancouver Grd 1-3

Journey to Vancouver Grd 4-6 The Olympic Experience in Your School Grades K-3

The Olympic Experience in Your School Grades 4-6  

*The enhanced eBooks give you the freedom to copy and paste the content of each page into the format that fits your needs. You can post lessons on your class website, make student copies, extract or rotate pages, and edit the contents of the file.

Why eBooks?

  1. eBooks are less costly than traditional books
  2. eBooks are available instantly.
  3. eBooks take up no physical storage space and minimal electronic storage space.
  4. eBooks integrate seamlessly with classroom technology. Teachers can easily post homework assignments to class web pages, email assignments to parents and absent students, or use eBook pages with interactive whiteboards and overhead projectors.
  5. eBooks are the green choice.


Please Note: This product is a digital download, NOT a physical product. After purchase, you will be provided a one time link to download this product to your computer. Orders paid by PayPal require up to 8 business hours to verify payment and release electronic media. For immediate downloads, payment with credit card is required.

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