Inspiring Story of Schools Using Music to Teach Math

MusicI am always inspired by stories about teachers who implement learning programs that utilize creative teaching methods to help drive success to their students.   Many experts agree that an arts curriculum can help students grasp concepts in math and language arts.

I came across a recent article highlighting a learning program in a California school district that has been met with much enthusiasm by teachers, school administrators, students and parents.  The program features music lessons that help develop critical-thinking and reasoning skills thought to be essential for success in math. “Music is closely tied to how they’re going to do in math,” one teacher said.

The program was developed by the MIND Research Institute and is reaching over 800 Elementary students thanks to a $60,000 grant from the Viejas band of Indians. The music and math lessons are taught separately, but teachers say the music concepts help students improve their skills in other subjects.

For more details about the program, be sure to read the full article by Anne Krueger in the San Diego Union-Tribune (12/19).  We would love to hear your feedback and other stories and examples about utilizing the arts to teach.

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