Tips For An A+ Science Fair Display

Schools across the country are gearing up for their annual Science Fairs– giving young scientists a chance to shine and compete with other students in the Science and Technology fields.   Science Fair Sanity is a great resource for students and teachers and offers hints, tips, tricks, and examples that will assist you in developing […]

Title IA – Parent Involvement: Read with Me, Helping Parents Help Children

A recent survey underscores the importance of reading to and chatting with children in their first years as a vital building block to speech and literacy. In an ASCD blog post, annual conference presenter Bill Driedger shares how his personal and professional experiences with literacy instruction have shaped his mission to get families reading together. […]

Annual report grades states on education

In ranking key education indicators, the publication Education Week gave Massachusetts the only A on its Chance-for-Success Index, while Connecticut, New Hampshire and New Jersey each earned an A-minus. The country as a whole earned a C-plus in the same category. Mississippi, Nevada and New Mexico each received a D-plus. The annual Quality Counts report […]

Who’s Hiring: Northfield, IL – Sunset Ridge School District 29

Principal, Grades 4-8 Sunset Ridge School District 29 Job Description DISTRICT 29 Located in the Village of Northfield 20 miles north of Chicago, Sunset Ridge District 29 is among the top performing districts in Illinois. District 29 is a progressive district, known for it’s strong commitment to meeting the needs of each learner, technology integration, […]

Fifth-graders are taught math skills through basketball

Fifth-graders in one Illinois district are taking part in a program created by their district’s math coordinator to bring math learning to life through basketball. Members of a nearby college’s basketball team worked with students on free throws and jump shots at a recent practice, after which the fifth-graders took time to learn a practical […]

Six States to Develop Policies to Fight High School Dropout, Achieve Graduation for All

WASHINGTON— Despite recent high school reform efforts, the dropout problem in the United States remains daunting. To address this troubling issue that affects all states, the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) today announced it has selected six states – Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Tennessee and West Virginia – to develop […]

Year in Review: Obama’s K-12 Policy Doesn’t Change Much

For the nation’s K-12 schools, 2009 may well go down as the year when everything changed but little happened. A new president promised a fresh start but angered many in even his own party by polishing his predecessor’s apple. Schools nationwide closed in fear of a pandemic that has proven mild. And even as recession-related […]

Obama to Announce Teacher Training Initiative

President Barack Obama is announcing a $250 million initiative Wednesday to train math and science teachers in an effort to reach his administration’s goal of moving American students from the middle to the top of the pack in those subjects over the next decade. Through the “Educate to Innovate” campaign, the government will work with […]

Inspiring Story of Schools Using Music to Teach Math

I am always inspired by stories about teachers who implement learning programs that utilize creative teaching methods to help drive success to their students.   Many experts agree that an arts curriculum can help students grasp concepts in math and language arts. I came across a recent article highlighting a learning program in a California […]

Use Your Title IID Funding Wisely: Adding Technology to Geometry Class Improves Opportunities to Learn

According to a new study, incorporating technology in high school-level geometry classes not only makes the teaching of concepts such as congruency easier, it also empowers students to discover other geometric relationships they wouldn’t ordinarily uncover when more traditional methods of instruction were used. The study — co-written by Gloriana González, a University of Illinois […]