Staff Spotlight- Albert Walavich from Teaching Safari

Teaching Safari I have said this many times- Chicago School Supply is a family. We are a family of resources that make teaching less-stressful. We are a family of work associates that work together to achieve mutual goals.  I hope you will get to know us as individuals and see the outstanding work our dedicated staff does to provide the best resources and educational opportunities possible for students everywhere.

Meet Chicago native and Teaching Safari Lead Tour Guide: Albert Walavich!

Born in Chicago , Al grew up in a city where you could still smell the Stockyards when the wind was right and where the “ Second City ” mentality ruled. Al only began to fully understand the wonders in this spectacular city as he came into adulthood, and he has continued to explore and treasure the city of his birth.

Realizing what he had failed to appreciate in his earlier days, Al has set out to educate everyone he encounters on the wonders that Chicago holds for those who only take the time to look around. Young and old can gain a new perspective on the city as Al shows them the world that is Chicago.

A regular tour guide for the Chicago History Museum and the Neighborhood Tours Program of the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs as well as being a docent for Chicago From the Lake, one of the finest companies offering architectural and historical tours on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, Al has the opportunity to share his passion for Chicago with thousands of people each year.

Getting the young people of Chicago in touch with the wonderful city in which they live has become one of his crusades, and he would relish the chance to expose your youth population to their city. We can take it serious, and we can take it fun, but we can take Chicago by storm.

If Al was forced to create a motto for his involvement with Chicago , he would simply say, “Come with me to experience one on the most fantastic cities on the planet. Chicago is a place you have to encounter and you will come to love.”

MA – Roosevelt University
BA – Roosevelt University

Chicago and all of its wonders
Architecture and the built environment we live in
History and the way our lives have been impacted
Music, especially opera, because of the way it feeds my soul
Art in all its forms

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