Use of EBooks in Classrooms Predicted to Increase in 2010

imagesIt is interesting to watch how educators are embracing new technology to enhance the classroom experience for their students. An article published this week in THE Journal: Technological Horizons  in Education caught my attention: 5 K-12 Technology Trends for 2010 by Bridget McCrea.  In this piece, she highlights 5 classroom technological advances  that will see the most growth in 2010 according to technology experts.   One trend we are most pleased to see doing well is that the increased use of eBooks.  There are many advantages to using eBooks and I agree with the experts in this article that this is something we will be seeing more and more of in the future.

1. eBooks Will Continue to Proliferate
eBook readers aren’t going to replace traditional math and English textbooks anytime soon, but J. Gerry Purdy, chief analyst, mobile and wireless, for business research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan in Atlanta, said the devices will gain traction in the K-12 arena this year.

“The eBook phenomenon is gaining ground in the consumer space, where people are using them to read both fiction and non-fiction,” said Purdy. “The way the stars are aligned, it won’t be long before someone adapts eBooks out of the consumer space and makes textbooks available on these portable devices.”

While eBooks would literally lessen the load that students have to carry around with them in backpacks all day, Purdy said, the devices aren’t “quite there yet” when it comes to color, graphics, and symbols. “The eBook readers are mostly black-and-white right now,” he added, “but when the technology advances to the point where color and animation can be integrated, it will become much more viable for the textbook market.”

Other growing classroom trends mentioned in the article:

2. Netbook Functionality Will Grow

3. More Teachers Will Use Interactive Whiteboards

4. Personal Devices Will Infiltrate the Classroom (Smart Phones and iPods)

5. Technology Will Enable Tailored Curricula

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