Report Shows How States Are Using Federal Stimulus Aid To Support Education

Most states plan to support new federal priorities for education in the economic stimulus package, including adopting common core standards and applying for Race to the Top funding, though many express misgivings about state capacity and how best to meet some of the expectations for improving schools, according to a survey of states released by […]

Free Black History Lesson Plan – Endangered Mammals: African and Asian Elephants

Endangered Mammals: African and Asian Elephants Science, Life Science Grade 3- 5 DOWNLOAD FREE WORKSHEET Objective In this section students will navigate their way around Web sites and find required information; compare different species of the same mammal; gather information about the characteristics, habits, diets, and behaviors of different mammals; and research the ways in […]

Staff Spotlight- Albert Walavich from Teaching Safari

I have said this many times- Chicago School Supply is a family. We are a family of resources that make teaching less-stressful. We are a family of work associates that work together to achieve mutual goals.  I hope you will get to know us as individuals and see the outstanding work our dedicated staff does […]

Extra Homework Applying for Education Grants

The Department of Education, preparing to dole out hundreds of millions of dollars to winning states in a $4 billion grant competition, has estimated how long it should take each state to prepare its grant proposal: 681 hours. Not 680, not 700, but 681 hours. “Nice round number — how’d they come up with that […]

Free Black History Lesson Plan: African Americans Minibook

Famous African Americans Minibook Social Studies, United States History Grade 1- 3 DOWNLOAD FREE WORKSHEET Objective Students learn about famous African Americans. Directions Discuss with students the origins of African American history month. In 1926, a scholar named Carter Woodson felt that African Americans did not know about the achievements of their collective past. He […]

Tracking An Emerging Movement: A Report on Expanded Time Schools in America

The National Center on Time & Learning has released a groundbreaking report documenting the state of expanded-time schools in America. The report draws from the organization’s new national database of schools that have broken from the conventional school calendar in order to improve educational outcomes. The database and report represent the most comprehensive attempt to […]

Florida Ties Federal Grant Money To Teacher Merit Pay

Florida is linking its application for $700 million in federal education grant money to the adoption of local merit pay plans, which have been unpopular among teachers in the past although that could be changing. Florida Education Association spokesman Mark Pudlow said Friday that the statewide teachers union needs to study the plan Education Commissioner […]

Teacher Resource: is a Wiki-Style Directory of Educational Videos

Looks like there is a new teacher resource to add to our list;  make sure you check out over the Winter Break.  The site was launched this year by Wikipedia co-founder Dr. Larry Sanger and is designed to gather and organize educational videos for students ages 3 to 18.  It currently features more than […]

Performance Pay Funding for Teachers May Increase

Federal funding for performance pay in public schools would quadruple, to $400 million a year, under a bill moving through Congress that reflects the growing political momentum behind an education reform idea once considered anathema to many Democrats and labor leaders. The Teacher Incentive Fund, launched during the Bush administration, has become a priority for […]

Applications Now Available for $3.5 Billion in Title I Grants to Turn Around U.S. Lowest Achieving Schools

The U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced the final requirements for $3.5 billion in Title I School Improvement grants to turn around the nation’s lowest performing schools. These funds are made available to states by formula and competed for by school districts. As they compete for the funds, school districts (LEAs) must identify the […]