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Word Association Game

Here is a time-filler game that is fun and stimulates associative thinking. Make up a list of things associated with each other. Ask students to tell how these words are alike or what they have in common. The number of categories you use is unlimited and only dependent on the learning levels of your students.

Some examples of words include the following:

  • coat, mittens, cap, boots (winter wear; all clothing)
  • apple, pear, plum, lemon (types of fruits)
  • spring, summer, fall, winter (seasons)
  • thunder, snow, lightning, rain (kinds of weather)
  • elf, sleigh, gifts, reindeer (things about Christmas)

Some examples of categories include the following:

  • occupations
  • types of clocks
  • types of mail
  • Halloween words (or another holiday)
  • kinds of dogs
  • summer activities
  • subject areas
  • things we read
  • things we ride
  • things that are nouns

Oddball Word Association Game

Here is another listing game for students to use associative thinking skills. Call out a list of words, asking which word does not belong. Some examples are stated below.

  • boots, socks, slippers, galoshes, gloves (gloves: all others you wear on your feet)
  • puppy, kitten, calf, goat, colt (goat: all others name baby animals)
  • bedroom, door, den, kitchen, garage (door: all others are room areas in the home)
  • truck, train, canoe, scooter, car (canoe: all others travel on land)

This list is endless. You can think of so many categories to name. Just be sure that you put the oddball word in different spots in your list.

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