Featured DonorsChoose Classroom Project: Bring Volcanos to our Concrete Jungle!

u132701_smWe are once again pledging our support to Chicago schools through an organization called DonorsChoose.org.  We have selected 51 proposed school projects led by Chicago teachers who need resources and materials to bring these exciting ideas to their classrooms. One of the projects we would like to bring support to is “Bring Volcanos to our Concrete Jungle!”,  would build a science library and provide interactive materials for a local 6th grade classroom in an under-served Chicago community:

I am a sixth grade Earth science teacher in an inner city, low income school in Illinois. As my students live in an urban area of Illinois, a lot of the interesting Earth science topics are out of reach for field trips. We do not have mountains, volcanoes, hurricanes (thank goodness) and not much in the way of nature.

My one hook is video! Really cool science videos engage my students and give them a window into a world they do not often see. The video visual aids helps my English Language Learners also make a connection to what we have been learning in class. I have found that the topics that we have seen on a big screen have had a higher rate of retention.

The problem is we do not have money for quality videos. I already do spend a bunch of time arranging video clips from the Internet but our computers are so old and slow that the clips loose much of their excitement as the computer stalls and loads.

It would be such an advantage for our classroom and science lab to build this science video library. You can open my students eyes and excite their love for science.

Our classroom and school are in desperate need of an exciting science video library. We need 16 videos such as “An Inconvenient Truth” and “National Geographic: Restless Earth”

The fund-raising period for this project expires on Oct 18.  Please help support our local teachers by giving whatever you can (donations are tax deductible) to this project of one of our other 51 projects featured on our Giving Page.  All donors get photos and a thank-you from the teacher. If you give $100+, you’ll also get personal thank-you’s from the students.

If you are a teacher in need of support for your classroom supplies- you can submit your project to request help!  Visit the site for additional details to see how you can become involved.

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