Free Lesson Plan Word Problems: Geometry

Students will learn how to use basic geometry to solve word problems Mathematics, Geometry, Problem Solving Grade 5- 8 DOWNLOAD FREE WORKSHEET Objective Students will learn how to use basic geometry to solve word problems Directions Perimeter Perimeter is the length around a closed shape. It is computed by adding the length of all the […]

Free Lesson Plan Flags

The students will write a description of a flag. Reading, Vocabulary, Writing Process, Journaling, Oral Language, Art Grade 1- 4 DOWNLOAD FREE WORKSHEET Objective The students will write a description of a flag. Directions Decide whether the whole class will participate in writing a description, or if the students will do so individually. Have the […]

Free Lesson Plan Algebra Word Problems

Students will learn about solving word problems using simple algebra functions. Algebra and Function, Problem Solving Grade 5- 8 DOWNLOAD WORKSHEET Objective Students will learn about solving word problems using simple algebra functions. Directions Many basic word problems can be expressed in an equation format, which makes it easy to understand and solve. Using Algebraic […]

Teaching Safari Concludes Summer Program

The final tour for our Summer Program has concluded. This week we went to the Arabian Knights Horsefarm in Willowbrook. Arabian Knights has an expansive 10 acre facility and has been around for some 25 years. AKF works with people of all ages, providing: horse riding lessons, stables and horse care staff, and has its own […]

Senate Full Appropriations Committee Marks Up FY 2010 Education Funding Bill, HR 3293

On July 30, 2009, the Senate Full Appropriations Committee passed HR 3293, the Senate FY 2010 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education funding bill out of the Committee. The Senate has not yet taken the bill to the Senate floor, and that will not occur until after Senators return from their summer recess. After this […]

Early Release of ARRA Title I and IDEA Special Education Wave Two Funds

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION WILL RELEASE SECOND WAVE OF ARRA TITLE I, IDEA, AND VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION FUNDS EARLIER THAN EXPECTED, FOR STATES AND LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICTS TO USE • On August 3, 2009, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced that he would release the second wave of ARRA economic stimulus funds for ESEA Title I, IDEA […]

Free Lesson Plan – Who’s Who at Our School?

This project is designed to let children practice interview and writing skills, plus allow new teachers, new families, substitutes, and others an interesting way to get to know the staff at our elementary school. Writing, Writing Process, Oral Language, Listening, Speaking, Social Studies Grades 3- 5 DOWNLOAD FREE WORKSHEET Objective Students recognize and use language […]

In a Digital Future, Textbooks Are History

At Empire High School in Vail, Ariz., students use computers provided by the school to get their lessons, do their homework and hear podcasts of their teachers’ science lectures. Down the road, at Cienega High School, students who own laptops can register for “digital sections” of several English, history and science classes. And throughout the […]

Illinois Textbook Loan Program funding cut for FY10

On July 21, 2009, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) passed a Fiscal Year 2010 budget. Numerous programs received significant reductions or elimination of funding as a result of the Fiscal Year 2010 budget passed by the Illinois General Assembly. The Illinois Textbook Loan Program (ITLP) was one of the programs in which funding […]

Race to the Top – A National Competition Promoting School Reforms

President Obama joined Secretary Duncan on July 24, 2009, to announce Race to the Top — a national competition for states to lead the way in school reforms, backed by historic levels of financial support. They announced funding available for reform under other Recovery Act education programs as well. See video here: Overview of the […]